Terms and conditions of use:

These terms and conditions form a legal agreement that links the user and COTYZAR and / or its affiliates. These terms and conditions govern the use of the website, the mobile application, the call centers that allow the user to connect with COTYZAR in relation to the services offered through our platform.

The user must read these terms carefully before accessing, using, obtaining or taking advantage of any COTYZAR product or service. If the user does not agree with our terms of use, he may refrain from using the COTYZAR platform and services. These conditions must be read together with other applicable terms and conditions that govern the use of COTYZAR.

COTYZAR reserves the right to add or modify these terms of use at any time and at its discretion. It is the responsibility of each user to keep updated with the terms of use from time to time. The continuous use of the COTYZAR platform and services and any modifications to them will be considered as acceptance by the user


1. Our services:

COTYZAR through our platform, we link users with a wide variety of hotels, making it possible for everyone to find rooms that are not found on other websites and live the experience of visiting fantastic destinations and places of interest of the easiest and most accessible way

2. About us

Cotyzar.com is owned and operated by 360 Web Systems S.A de C.V, a company registered in El Salvador, Centro Amèrica. Cotyzar.com is part of the continuous efforts of 360 Web System to provide accessible technology to all small and medium enterprises in Latin America. Cotyzar.com is a platform that serves as a market for hotel owners to make a list of their rooms.

3. Information and specific terms for the COTYZAR user

Reservation of services:

The service reservation process of our platform may require you to disclose your personal and confidential information. To avoid any possibility of unauthorized access to your confidential information, such as name, address, etc., you should not use / access this site from unsecured computers, unsecured communication links, unsecured mobile phones or locations such as Internet-Cafe (s), Cyber-Cafe (s) and other computers or computer services with commercially available Internet access.

The User accepts, acknowledges and confirms that before making any use of the services of COTYZAR, he must verify the description and price of the Service carefully and when placing an order for a Service, you agree to be subject to these terms, including the description of services.

The user will only use any of our services after being completely satisfied with the price, description, appearance and conditions that have been shown on the COTYZAR platform.

COTYZAR distances itself from any dissatisfaction generated by the service provided by the hotel. Any claim for poor service, damage, delays, room condition and other mishaps must be made directly to the hotel where the reservation has been made and the agreement reached will be only between the user and the hotel. You are requested to take due care of all your personal valuables and belongings. COTYZAR and its employees will NOT be responsible for any loss, theft or damage to valuables and personal belongings of the Guests.

User Responsibility:

In particular, the User agrees, promises, declares, confirms, agrees, commits, represents and guarantees COTYZAR that:

The User has no legal or other deficiency that prevents / can prevent the conclusion of a valid contract in accordance with applicable laws.

Make a valid payment to COTYZAR for the Services requested by the User.

In the case of detecting any suspicious activity of the User's account, COTYZAR reserves the right to cancel all pending and future orders due to said incident without any responsibility for the User.

Transactions and payments:

In a credit card transaction; You must use your own credit card for which the User has full right and authority to validly use said Credit Card to make payments to COTYZAR.

COTYZAR will not be responsible for any credit card fraud. The responsibility of using a card fraudulently will fall on the User and the responsibility for 'proving otherwise' will fall exclusively on the User.

Once the reservation has been confirmed, COTYZAR will debit the usage rate of the payment method selected by the User.

COTYZAR uses external payment providers to receive payments from the User. COTYZAR is not responsible for delays or execution of erroneous transactions or cancellation of reservation due to payment problems.

COTYZAR takes the utmost care when selecting and working with third-party payment providers, but does not control its systems, processes, technology and workflows, therefore it cannot be responsible for any failure made by payment providers.

Payment in advance, cancellation, no show (not presented) and to be taken into account

By making a room reservation with a hotel, you accept its cancellation and no show conditions (No show) as well as other terms and conditions of said hotel. The user must consult the data of each product or service to see the conditions before making the reservation.

Cancellation and prepayment conditions may vary depending on the product or service of each Trip.

If you wish to review, modify or cancel the Reservation, the user has to check the confirmation e-mail and follow the instructions indicated. It should be taken into account that cancellation supplements may be applied according to the cancellation, payment (in advance) and no show of the hotel conditions or that you could not benefit from the refund of the amount paid (in advance). We recommend that you read these conditions carefully before making the reservation and remember to make subsequent payments on time as they may be necessary for the reservation.

If the user suspects that he is going to be late or late on the day of check-in or if he arrives the next day, he must ensure that he communicates it promptly and in due time to the hotel where the reservation has been made so that they know the day at that will be presented and thus prevent the reservation from being canceled. COTYZAR is not responsible for the consequences that any delay may have, or for any cancellation or charge for not presenting the hotel.